Third Edition

Celebrating the creation of easy® from 1994 to today.

It all started with a dream!

To build a world famous brand!

Stelios at the age of 28 with a big dream: to build a world famous brand.

17th December 2021

Dear friends
of the easy family of brands,

Welcome to the third edition of easyHistory! As you can see we have decided to move to a video format for the 2022 release of the easyHistory.  I can’t believe how the last 28 years have gone by…

Think of this video as a short film (lasting about 7 minutes) telling the story  of the easy family of brands –  starting from 1994 when I embarked on my dream to build a world famous brand. At the tender age of 27, I started building a family of brands centered on the word “easy” which I was determined to make a household name.

Progress over the last 28 years has been far from uneventful as one would expect from such an entrepreneurial adventure. Those of you who have read the first edition of easyHistory, will know that it was signed off on the 6th February, 2020 when almost none of us had even heard of the term Covid-19. We printed the second edition one year into the pandemic and now almost two years into this mess we decided to make a short movie about our story! What has not changed is the fact that  my vision from day one was to make the brand “easy” a household name in as many business sectors and in as many countries as possible.  This remains true today

I came across the business model of the low cost airline in America at a time when Europe was opening up its skies to competition and then realised that an airline is a great way to build a brand. The brand was “easy” from day one even if, as expected, the airline easyJet became much more famous than the other members of the easy family of brands. You could say that my best business idea in my life was to create a pioneering low cost airline but that the second best idea was to keep the ownership of all the easy brands including easyJet in my own private company called easyGroup thus giving me more stable recurring income from royalties.

It is in unprecedented times like these that I am glad that the easy family of brands has diversified into other sectors which are more resilient to the Covid pandemic: from financial services, to IT and from storage to household cleaning products to name a few.  Indeed some members of the family have continued to grow at a fast pace, easyStorage being a notable example. However it is also true that some of the easy family members are suffering losses and in some cases corporate survival is now down to having enough cash in reserve to weather the storm. The business model of running an easy family of brands with a range of diversified licensees each of which has its own shareholders, instead of a single corporate entity, means that we in easyGroup, have remained profitable during this crisis

So enjoy our short film . easyHistory is organised more or less chronologically since 1994 Please stay safe and healthy and I hope to see you soon somewhere in person when circumstances permit.

Yours faithfully

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou
creator and owner of the
easy family of brands